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SPU head some party members expelled for attempts to get funding from Kremlin

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Head of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) Illia Kiva has announced the expulsion from the party of members of the political council for attempts to obtain funding from the Kremlin in the upcoming elections.

“Behind my back, some members of the party’s political council tried to sell the SPU to the Kremlin for $30 million. We identified a whole layer of separatists and traitors with a multimillion-dollar fortune, even in the political council of the party dressed in socialist clothing. Today they are directly negotiating with the Kremlin on sponsoring the upcoming elections and strengthening the Moscow position within Ukraine, surrendering Ukraine’s interests to the aggressor state and invaders. These negotiations are being held with people from the administration of the Russian president, namely, with the assistants of [Russian presidential aide] Vladislav Surkov,” Kiva wrote on his Facebook page on Friday, January 26.

According to him, he has audio recordings and confirmation of meetings, flights and talks about the financing of the SPU by Russia’s special services and pro-Moscow oligarchs.

“According to our information, meetings of traitors took place at a hotel in Europe,” Kiva said.

The politician added that the party would transfer all information to the SBU.

“We are preparing a respective statement to the Security Service of Ukraine about the anti-state activities of the opportunists, including individual individuals who have no place not only in the SPU, but also in Ukraine! During the purification process there will be no pity for the traitors, and if they think, that all this will only end with their expulsion from the party, they are deeply mistaken – they are not worthy to be citizens of Ukraine,” Kiva said.

He said that now the party was undergoing the procedure of purification and strengthening.

“Today we identified these traitors and expelled the invaders from the party for complicity, the party is not sold, ideas are not sold! We will prove it in the near future,” he said.

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